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Working protocol

For every epigram:

1. Retrive Perseus' URI. URI is the first link of the column on the right [[6]].

Concretely, this is how URI is composed:

For instance, the first epigram of the 4th book is:

The second epigram of the 5th book:

URI allows to retrieve the ancient Greek text available on Perseus. It is very important to use this text even if it has errors or typos, because it allows to refer to a stable indexed text. In case of errors, it will be possible to add a second greek version, using the translation sidebar.

2. Inserting translations.

For every epigram it is possible to add several translations. Choose the translation language you want to add. It will be better (even if not mandatory) that a single user don't add more than one translation of the same epigram. Rather using different usernames.

3. Translation alignement

Click on the Greek text you want to align and then on the translation. Be careful: it is possible to align only two texts a time. When two texts are selected a green button will appear on the right. Clicking on it, you will be able to align the texts. To align, select the Greek words you want to align by clicking on them; then click on the corresponding translated word. Click on the green button to validate the alignement. Finally, click on the "send to server" button. You can choose the alignement granularity you want; generally speaking, a fine granularity is preferable, but sometimes it won't be possible : try to align in the best possible way you can.

4. Transcribing scholia

Click on "Add new Scholie". Choose the langage (αρχαία Ελληνικά) and add the Greek text. If you doubt about the transcription, or if there is the possibility of several interpretations, you can add the same scholie several times - just clicking another time "Add new Scholie" and choosing the Greek language.

5. Translating scholia

Click on "Add new scholie", choose the translation language and add the text. If an epigram presents more than one scholie, proceed in the same way for every scholie. At this moment the platform doesn't allow to relate the scholie and his translation: we will add these functionality later.

6. Adding Images.

At the moment, images can be linked only to epigrams, and not to keywords.

Connect to the Imgur account (see on top) and upload the chosen image. Copy and paste the DIRECT LINK.

Add title and credits


Epigram 5.1


Greek text (automatically retrieved from Perseus):

νέοις ἀνάπτων καρδίας σοφὴν ζέσιν,====
ἀρχὴν Ἔρωτα τῶν λόγων ποιήσομαι:
πυρσὸν γὰρ οὗτος ἐξανάπτει τοῖς νέοις. 

Modern Italian translation:

Accendendo il cuore dei giovani d’un fuoco sapiente
faccio che l’Amore sia l’inizio di questi discorsi
perché è proprio lui che accende la fiamma per i giovani


1. φεύγετε νέοι παῖδα Κυθήρης τοξοβόλον ἒρωτα 
ἐπιγράμματα ἓρωτικα διαφορων ποιητων
2. ἀρχὴ τῶν επιγραμματων ερωτικων





Metrical form:

jambus trimeter

Mentioned characters:



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